Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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So many things happen every day and my attention span is too short; I have to remind myself to check in with the world every so often or it slips out of focus and I  have to scramble to keep up. It seems like Halloween was the last time I really looked up and knew what day it was, and now it's nearly halfway through November. My wife and I dressed up as Lana Kane and Sterling Archer, from the FX series. Our costumes were pretty convincing if I do say so... right down to Archer's rampant alcoholism.

Personal note: Try not to get blackout drunk the night before you're expected to cater a huge charity event; especially not if your job for the day involves managing a squad of chipper, well rested, parent volunteers. Although honesty is undoubtedly the best policy, very few parents are impressed by the integrity you demonstrate by showing up to their child's fundraiser unsubtly hungover. In that case, discretion is most definitely the better part of valor.

I'm still getting used to calling Jeni my wife in casual conversation. It doesn't feel any different to be married; we just are. We weren't before, but now we are. I've gotten more used to wearing my wedding ring, although I still take it off at times when I'm in the kitchen. I need to find a secure place to keep it while I'm rolling dough, or butchering meat... maybe a chain around my neck (one more thing for me to lose). It's partly that I don't want it to get scratched up and smeared with whatever I might end up having to put my hands in over the course of the day, but I also don't want it to interfere with my dexterity. Sometimes it still just doesn't feel right; it catches on things. I've never been able to continuously wear jewelry or watches on my hands and wrists. At the same time, I've gotten to the point, now, where I'm slightly uncomfortable if I'm not wearing it. Just one of those things, I suppose.

My birthday is coming around again; this one will be number 28. It seems like that number should be higher. I think I've been reading too many Dune books lately; I can't help envisioning time and the cosmos stretching out in every direction with no center and no boundary. Thoughts like that can make you feel tiny, like a sub-atomic particle and as infinitely huge as a universe all at once... that strange sort of inside out feeling of ubiquity that you get when you read Frank Herbert and then stare at a computer screen for too long.

It's ridiculous how many things happen in a day, a week. It's nice to sit down and ruminate on it all for a while, when it's 'done' and all you have left is to wait for the next lifetime of a day to begin. My wife and I always make time to talk about the day when we meet up at home after work. I try to avoid lazy responses such as, "it was fine," when I know that I'm with someone who is genuinely interested in how my day played out. That's the amazing thing about Jeni, I honestly enjoy recounting to her all of the mundane activities that made up my day and then hearing her do the same. To someone like me it's an odd sensation to have time condense and expand around you as  listen to minute long descriptions of events that happened hours ago and took hours to occur, or conversely an hour long discussion about something that hasn't happened yet, but will be over in minutes when it does.

Life goes on. Meh.

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