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Week four of classes - Monday's recipes

by Adam Rast on Monday, July 25, 2011 at 8:13pm

Monday classes are Pizza, International Cuisine, and Vegetarian cooking. Planned recipes were the following.

Pizza - Fresh handmade focaccia  pizza with garden tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh green and yellow peppers and mushrooms.
Pizza (or what was left of it)
Pizza ingredients.

International Cuisine/ Vegetarian Cooking - Japanese Temaki sushi with cucumber, avocado, and carrot with ponzu dipping sauce.

Sushi Ingredients:
Sushi Nori (flat, square sheets of toasted seaweed)
Short grain white rice
Avocado, sliced
Thinly julienned vegetables (carrot, cucumber, peppers, asparagus)
Ponzu or plain soy sauce for dipping

These dishes are pretty self explanatory; My recipe for sushi rice is pretty simple. My only advice for making Sticky rice for sushi is to buy short grain white rice and follow the cooking directions on the package. Sushi rice is NOT sticky because it is overcooked and mushy; The characteristic, sticky texture comes from both the release of starches in the rice itself and from the mixture of rice vinegar and sugar which is used to "dress" the rice once it is cooked. Sushi takes on many forms and there are endless ways that it can be prepared and presented. The particular variety that we tackled today is called temaki, or hand rolls." Sticky rice is spread diagonally across a square sheet of sushi nori which is held in the hand (make sure that your hand is dry so that the nori doesn't stick to your hand). Place your other ingredients in the center of the rice and starting at the bottom proceed to tightly roll the nori into a cone shape in your hand (should resemble a sushi ice cream cone). When the wrap is complete, dampen the corner that overlaps the cone so that the nori will stay in place when the sushi is presented on the plate. Dip in ponzu and enjoy!
Didn't get a shot of the guys making Temaki, but here are some shots of the hosomaki and uramaki I made for a demonstration.
Finished plate with garnish

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